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Mobile and Local Search Marketing

Mobile & Local Marketing Solutions For Business

We develop online marketing strategies for businesses and help them get the four foundational elements of search marketing in place.

Our objectives are to improve your online visibility when potential customers search for the products and services your provide and to help you control, influence and improve what clients see when they search for your business specifically by name.
John Griffith – Founder of Mobile and

How Do We Improve Overall Search Visibility?

Everything Starts with our exclusive I.M.A.G.E. Report
Research and analysis driven internet marketing and Google engagement plan

  • What are the right keywords for your business and your marketing strategy? How do people actually search for the products or services you provide?
  • What website currently holds the top position in Google for the terms that are most valuable for your business?
  • How is the top ranked site constructed, from a search engine perspective?

Only when you have these three critical pieces of information can you construct a plan to gain top visibility.  We evaluate every aspect of your online presence, identify what is working for you, what is working against you and then develop a plan that enables you to leverage as much of your existing online marketing as possible.

No matter what type of business you have, our research and analysis driven search optimization process helps you achieve the highest possible online visibility in the places your customers search.

For over a decade we have helped clients achieve top visibility in the search results.  We have developed a process of research and analysis that ensures that every client will gain a dramatic improvement in search visibility.

We achieve top rank for our clients through a unique process that utilizes over a dozen different tools to uncover your online opportunities.  Each custom I.M.A.G.E Report is developed in the U.S. and contains approximately 20 pages of research, analysis, strategy and optimization development.

How Well Do Our Techniques Work?

How to Read Search Ranking Reports
In each example below the left hand column contains the targeted keywords.  The top row shows the search engine measured.  The number under each search engine is the sites ranking for that specific term, or the position it would have on the page. For instance, a keyword ranking as number “1” would hold the top position on the very first page of search results for that term.

The following are examples of the Top 10 – Top 20 position ranking our clients have in the on Google for competitive terms. In total, our clients hold 1000’s of top positions for highly searched terms across many different business types and markets.

Search Engine Fundamentals – The Key4

Additional Directory Citations

Additional Directory Citations

Your core business information, sometimes called NAP data, is key to your local and map visibility.  Consistency of NAP (name, address, phone number) data across multiple sources makes your business information more valuable to Google and other search engines, gaining you visibility.  In order to create these ‘citations’ that support your local visibility, we submit the same NAP data to over 300 additional directories, destinations sites, GPS and map providers.

Google Maps Data

Google Maps Data

Do you have multiple listings? Closed locations? Listings with incorrect phone numbers?  Have you lost access to your Google business data? We clean up all of your information, making it more valuable to Google and gaining you more visibility.

Google Business Data

Google Business Data

Working under your own Google account, we will claim, validate and optimize your local business data in Google. This includes optimized description, custom header and feature images, proper categorization, links to website and contact information.  The information that shows up at the top of the page when someone searches for your business by name all comes from this set of data.

Search Strategy and Organic Visibility

Search Strategy and Organic Visibility

All projects begin with the IMAGE Report, a hand-crafted 20-25 page research and analysis document that covers keyword research, competitive analysis, search strategy – essentially your Online Marketing Plan!


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